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september 6 2018

today was the first day of school 0_0 it wasn't that bad though since i only had 2 classes. since this is my last yr of high school i'm kinda looking forward to it xD and i'm only taking classes i actually want to take. some of my friends went to different schools this year and it makes me kinda sad >_< but it's ok. anyways i was thinking about halloween since it's coming up and i wanna plan in advance annnnnd... i'm being a vampire! obviouslyyy. -_- so i bought these fangs that you mould on with like plastic that gets soft when it's hot. it looks realllly awesome. also i want red contacts but you need a prescription (EVEN THO THEY'RE NOT CORRECTIONAL i have PERFECT sight o_o) soooo i had to make an appointment over the phone for next week. i'm soooo excited xP. idk if i'm gonna go trick or treating, usually my school does a food donation thing where we go pick up cans of food but people usually give us candy too. i did it last year and it was suuper fun so i wanna do it again this year. plus trick or treating in your last year of high school is kinda...xS hehehe anyways that's all for today. i'll check back in on another day